How Will You Celebrate After Quarantine?

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How do you envision your life after stay-at-home orders are lifted? What can’t you wait to do?! Who are you most looking forward to seeing in person?

When you daydream about the minute you’re free from social distancing and local restrictions, what’s the first thing you want to do? Do you want to visit your favorite restaurant? Is there a place you want to visit or a familiar scent you miss? Are you counting down the days until you can hug a family member? Have drinks with friends in person? Or are you simply craving freedom in general?

As city dwellers, we can live our lives without truly getting to know our neighbors. Sure, we know what vehicle they drive or how they get to and from work. We might hear them through the walls or floors. I smell the delicious food my neighbors are cooking for dinner. We know what kind of fabric softener they use. I occasionally get misdelivered mail and take it to where it belongs.

One of the net positive things that has come out of the coronavirus crisis is that people are getting to know each other. We’ve heard our neighbors howling at 7:00 or 8:00 PM, cheering for essential and emergency workers. We’ve seen them putting on balcony light shows.

What’s the first thing you plan to do post-quarantine?

What have you learned in quarantine?

Here are some questions I’m reflecting on:

  • When I can again move around freely in the world, how will I view things differently?
  • Have I grown or matured through the COVID-19 experience?
  • What have I desired most while in quarantine?
  • Where have I found community while social distancing?
  • How have my relationships changed under stay-at-home orders?

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