Quarantine Virtual Date Night Ideas That Are Actually Amazing

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Love in the time of COVID-19.

How long did it take you to run out of coronavirus date night ideas? If you’re like me, it didn’t take long. I mean, who has the energy to think about planning a date night in a time of crisis? What does that even look like?

Taking time to connect with your significant other is so important, though. Especially in a time like this when emotions are running high.

Not being able to connect with your partner can be emotionally draining. It’s hard to feel close and connected when you aren’t actually, physically close! While a virtual night together isn’t the same as an in-person night, it can still be sweet.

So, whether you’re separated from your partner or you just want to spice up your COVID-19 love life, here are some actually awesome coronavirus date night ideas.

Virtual Date Ideas

  1. Have a movie night with Netflix Party. Netflix Party allows you to add a chat to anything you’d like to watch on Netflix!
  2. Take date night old school and play 20 Questions. This game goes over well over the phone or video call. You can play the traditional game, or just ask 20 questions about one another, with the goal of initiating a deeper conversation.
  3. If you aren’t quarantined with your partner, introduce them to the people you are quarantined with! When you find yourself in a conversation that doesn’t seem to be going anywhere, take your date for a walk around your home. If you’re quarantining with other people, with their permission, ask them to introduce themselves and start up a conversation.
  4. Play games on Houseparty. Houseparty is a video chat game app, and it’s a great, low-key date option.
  5. Cook the same thing. Try cooking the same recipe and then eating together via video, too. Yum!

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